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Yaakov Wenger

Executive Director

Chaplain Yaakov Wenger

ywenger@nationalchaplains.us | phone# ext. 4

Chaplain Yaakov Wenger is widely recognized for increasing cultural sensitivity on a federal, state, county and local level. Over the course of his chaplaincy career, Chaplain Wenger has led events to support public service professionals, worked alongside leaders to support their communities in the aftermath of public disaster, and designed invaluable resources to help increase respect among diverse communities. Chaplain Wenger was also instrumental in establishing the Clear Institute Cultural Diversity Training Program, which is currently mandated for all law enforcement personnel in the state of New Jersey. His highly acclaimed National FEMA Faith-Based Communities Initiative has since been implemented in communities nationwide and earned him the FEMA Building Resilience with Diverse Communities Award.

ybursztyn@nationalchaplain.us | phone# ext. 5

Chaplain Yisroel Bursztyn received his rabbinical ordination from Beth Medrash Govoha in Lakewood, NJ and is a certified chaplain servicing correctional facilities, hospitals, and law enforcement agencies. He has significantly impacted the state law enforcement community, developing curricula and training programs that promote sensitivity to and acceptance of diverse cultures. Through his professional and compassionate chaplaincy, advocacy and crisis intervention, Chaplain Bursztyn has earned the respect of the US Marshals Service, New Jersey State Police, and the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office. The chaplain has been an active and trusted liaison to the community for over twelve years.

Chaplain Yisroel Bursztyn