Our Mission

Our Mission 

The lifesaving mission of the National Chaplains Association is to provide chaplaincy services, emotional support and other services to men, women and children of all communities, faiths and backgrounds. The members of NCA use a combination of compassion, knowledge and expertise to assist those currently experiencing trauma or other challenges to overcome these difficulties and reach a healthy and productive state of body and mind. 

Another fundamental mission of NCA is to build bridges of understanding and dialogue between public officials and the diverse communities they serve through cultural sensitivity trainings, networking and creating dialogue. 

The foundation of public service is, undoubtedly, effective communication and understanding. Officials from every spectrum, be it medical professionals, law enforcement officers or government officials, can have all of the training and all of the experience in their respective fields, but if they are standing before an enigma and don’t know who they are talking to and what makes them tick, they won’t be effective. Lives have been lost through simple miscommunication and misunderstanding of individuals and cultures. 

Therefore, the bridge that we build between public officials and the communities they service is one that saves lives every day. 

And finally, as law enforcement chaplains, our mission is to provide our heroes and heroines in blue with the spiritual, emotional and material support they require to stand at the front lines day in and day out, to stand by them and their families  in times of tragedy and crisis, and to partner with them in their community initiatives and endeavors. Officers confront death on a daily basis, and we are here to help them process their grief, as well as support the families of fallen officers through their most devastating loss.