About the Founding Chaplains

Chaplain Yisroel Bursztyn

Chaplain Yisroel Bursztyn received his rabbinical ordination from Beth Medrash Govoha in Lakewood, NJ and is a certified chaplain servicing police departments, sheriff’s departments and correctional facilities. The chaplain is a founder and board member of the National Chaplains Association and has been involved in liaison services for over twelve years.
Chaplain Bursztyn has made a tremendous impact on the law enforcement community throughout New Jersey through his professional and compassionate chaplaincy, advocacy and emergency response. He is recognized and respected by the US Marshals Service, New Jersey State Police, New Jersey Attorney General’s Office, and numerous other law enforcement agencies. Chaplain Bursztyn serves as staff chaplain or visiting chaplain in many facilities—hospitals, law enforcement agencies, etc.—and has helped thousands of individuals in crisis through his various organizations. He has developed curricula and training programs for the departments and agencies he services.

Chaplain Yaakov Wenger

Chaplain Yaakov Wenger has been instrumental in creating increased cultural sensitivity on a federal, state, county and local level, through spearheading dozens of initiatives designed to bring communities together. As a founder of the National Chaplains Association, Chaplain Wenger has developed cultural sensitivity training curricula used in law enforcement agencies, medical facilities and government offices. He helped establish the Clear Institute Cultural Diversity Training Program, which is currently mandated for all law enforcement personnel in the state of New Jersey.
He has held events to support public service professionals and build bridges between them and the faith-based communities they serve, worked hand in hand with leaders to dig a path forward in the aftermath of public disaster and created invaluable resources to help increase respect between communities. His work with the National FEMA Faith-Based Communities Initiative, creating a system that has since been implemented in communities nationwide,  earned him the FEMA Building Resilience with Diverse Communities award.